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Marketing Services

It’s the horse that leads the cart, the mix that makes the meal. Without it, no one is going anywhere. No matter what the project, our approach is the same. We assess your customer needs, pull it apart and see what makes it tick. We get the lay of the land. We check out the competition and take a good honest look at how you stack up. Then we formulate the most effective Marketing plan – with our Baker’s Dozen® checklist – to drive your success in an ever-changing marketplace.

how we work

At Whiting & Holmes, we work with the tried and true. We invest effort upfront by spending time with management and sales people to get to know your business and how it works; where you stand in the industry, the issues that challenge you, and the opportunities that exist.

Then we formulate a plan. We call it our Baker’s Dozen®, and it’s ours alone; a thirteen point approach to positioning you for success. The recommendations we make are varied and action oriented. Every plan is unique. Each details a direction and sets the tone for what will come.

And when it comes to the dollars and cents, we back our work with an open pricing policy. No mumbo jumbo, no confusing equations. We present a detailed estimate that clearly outlines what we’ll undertake, so you’ll always know what you’re buying, what it will cost, and when it will be delivered.

It’s that simple. Just good ol’ fashion, honest and straightforward pricing.

Market Research

Which way is North? And are you headed in the right direction? Do you even have a compass? Marketing research is the one marketing service we recommend above all else to our Clients. Without knowing what your Customers, Suppliers and other Stakeholders think of your products and services, it’s impossible to construct effective Sales & Marketing strategies and plans. You might as well be throwing darts at a dartboard. And while a lot of companies are doing some form of Marketing Research – it’s normally a “scale of 1 to 10” type of yearly Customer survey. We can’t help but wonder … what do you do with a 6? How can you react constructively to a 6? Is 6 good? Is 6 bad? Does 6 mean “bad” to one Customer, but “satisfactory” to another? We recommend, instead, a different approach to Marketing Research. The results are measurable. The results are based on true feedback. The results will help Senior Management and Boards of Directors develop actionable sales and marketing direction. Everyone will know where North is, and better yet, they’ll even know how to get there.


Communication Audits
Competitive Activity Audits
Distribution Analysis
Market Size & Trending Research
Member/Community Engagement Research
Packaging Testing
Perception Studies (Customer, Supplier and Employee)
Pricing Studies
Product Testing
Total Quality and Customer Satisfaction including ISO Programs
Work Flow Analysis


The sizzle. To us, advertising isn’t just the persuasion that makes someone want to buy what’s yours; it’s also the thing that gets you out there in the real world. It’s an element of good marketing that makes things happen. We put a face on you and your product. We stir the pot. We create awareness, we stimulate interest and we get you those all-important leads.


Advertising Plans
Contests and Incentives
Creative Development and Production
Direct Mail
Directory Advertising
E-Business Programs
Event Planning and Execution
Media Planning and Placement
Packaging Design and Testing
Sales Aids
Sales Promotion Material Development and Production
Speaker Support and PowerPoint Presentations
Telemarketing (Training, Scripts and Execution)
Tradeshow Material & In-Booth Sales Participation
Video & Interactive Media Presentations
Website Development and Maintenance

Public Relations

You know what they say; you can’t buy the kind of results good word of mouth will get you. We agree. That’s why we really put our shoulder to the wheel when it comes to building relationships. The media, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders; they’re all the sort of third-party endorsement that grows credibility, awareness and loyalty. We’ll hunt and seek new ideas, source stories and generate buzz. And, we’ll do it with the same commitment that we pledge to everything we do on your behalf.


Advocacy Programs
Crisis Management
Community Engagement
Investor Relations
Media Relations
Press Kit Backgrounders and Press Releases

Sales & New Business Development

Talk as much as you want, but everyone knows nothing happens until something is sold. That simple fact is why we make sales an important part of our overall Marketing approach. We assess your team; consider directions for new business and we always make sure someone is taking care of the customers you already have. And, when it’s really needed, we’ll even go so far as to be your sales manager or sales representative.


Cold Calling and Lead Development
Sales Planning, Execution and Follow-up
Sales Force Analysis and Training
Sponsorship Planning, Execution and Follow-up
Tradeshow Booth Management and In-Booth Participation

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