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When we started business almost 40 years ago, phones plugged into the wall, messages came on pieces of pink paper and The Web was something the cleaners had missed. People thought Brands meant laundry detergent and Marketing was what you did on Thursday night. We’ve sure learned a thing or two since then – like being able to say that it really is the effort that counts and that our most important tools are our ears.

So we listened. We worked hard and along the way we developed the 13P’s to successful marketing. We call it our Baker’s Dozen™ and it’s something that brings a little bit extra to how we work. It’s a set of simple but effective steps that help us and our clients take a good look at how their marketing, sales and communication efforts measure up – in their customers’ eyes.

Bottom line? It’s a process that works. 

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It’s the horse that leads the cart, the mix that makes the meal. Without it, no one is going anywhere. No matter what the project, our approach is the same. We assess your customer needs, pull it apart and see what makes it tick. We get the lay of the land. We check out the competition and take a good honest look at how you stack up. Then we formulate the most effective Marketing plan – with our Baker’s Dozen® checklist – to drive your success in an ever-changing marketplace. Bottom line? It’s a process that works. Just look at our Client List and some of our Case Studies.

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