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What we did: Event Support and Online Registration with .net Database and Credit Card Payment Process

Whiting & Holmes approached Rousseau Automotive Communications with a proposal and plan development outlining the marketing and administrative areas that we could assist with for this first RAC 2-day remarketing-forum event.  Because of our experience in Event Planning and Management, we were able to provide valuable input regarding forum set-up, supplier liaison/expectations and administrative support for online credit card registration and dissemination of attendee information, as well as on-site event support and participation. 

The Challenge
To assist in developing and undertaking the following ...
Event Direction and Support:
Registration (Remarketing Forum & Expo +Golf Outing):
On-site Event Administration and Participation:
Post Event:

The Results
Because of our participation, administration and event guidance, this event was well organized, scalable based on the room layouts and suggestions we made during the first location visit, RAC had minimal amounts of administration (accounting) due to the online registration component we provided and the  daily reports of Attendees we provided and most importantly, the RAC Senior Management and staff were able to network with the Attendees, Panelists and Exhibitors without being burdened with on-site administrative tasks.

Rousseau Automotive Communication