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Market Research

Which way is North?  And are you headed in the right direction?  Do you even have a compass? 

Marketing research is the one marketing service we recommend above all else to our Clients. 

Without knowing what your Customers, Suppliers and otherr Stakeholders think of your products and services, it’s impossible to construct effective Sales & Marketing strategies and plans.  You might as well be throwing darts at a dartboard.

And while a lot of companies are doing some form of Marketing Research – it’s normally a “scale of 1 to 10” type of yearly Customer survey.  We can’t help but wonder … what do you do with a 6?  How can you react constructively to a 6?  Is 6 good?  Is 6 bad?  Does 6 mean “bad” to one Customer, but “satisfactory” to another? 

We recommend, instead, a different approach to Marketing Research.  The results are measurable.   The results are based on true feedback.  The results will help Senior Management and Boards of Directors develop actionable sales and marketing direction.  Everyone will know where North is, and better yet, they’ll even know how to get there. 

Marketing Research Services
Communication Audits
Competitive Activity Audits
Distribution Analysis
Market Size & Trending Research
Packaging Testing
Perception Studies (Customer, Supplier and Employee)
Pricing Studies
Product Testing
Total Quality and Customer Satisfaction including ISO Programs
Work Flow Analysis

Market Research