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Logistics Management Information

What We Did:  Selling Strategy, Selling Sheets, Website, PowerPoint Presentation, Press Release Program

Logistics Management Information (LMI) was a major third-party Freight Auditing Management and Information company with clients spanning North America. The company had developed a new web-based rating service and wanted to promote it within its existing Website.

The Challenge
Whiting & Holmes was initially retained to help develop marketing and sales plans to launch the new web based service. LMI wanted to keep the service in the context of its existing business without changing or affecting the existing Web site. Funds and timing were limited, and the organization was experiencing implementation changes that limited the operations staff from giving the new initiative full attention.

The Solution
Whiting & Holmes worked with the Sales Manager, President and the sales group to develop a defined trackable, targeted sales plan and several advertising program elements. We then moved to create a “Site Within a Site” to showcase the new service. As well, the new mini-site was produced as a CD Demo for special uses and graphics elements costs were amortized into other communication tools, thereby maintaining visual consistency and message.

Logistics Management Information