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How We Work

At Whiting & Holmes, we work with the tried and true. We invest effort upfront by spending time with management and sales people to get to know your business and how it works; where you stand in the industry, the issues that challenge you, and the opportunities that exist.

Then we formulate a plan. We call it our Baker’s Dozen®, and it’s ours alone; a thirteen point approach to positioning you for success. The recommendations we make are varied and action oriented. Every plan is unique. Each details a direction and sets the tone for what will come.

And when it comes to the dollars and cents, we back our work with an open pricing policy. No mumbo jumbo, no confusing equations. We present a detailed estimate that clearly outlines what we’ll undertake, so you’ll always know what you’re buying, what it will cost, and when it will be delivered.

It’s that simple. Just good ol’ fashion, honest and straightforward pricing.

How We Work